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Perhaps they would patch things up tomorrow—they usually do—but at this moment, Weintraub sounds like a disappointed stepfather who has endured one too many juvenile transgressions.“My attitude with Scott right now is: I'll make money with you and bring you deals. Simpson, there is no business for this family.”You may not think that hanging out in a nightclub four nights a week qualifies as work, but it does, at least as far as the IRS is concerned.But just know where you came from.” I can see he's getting more incensed with every word. YOU.”Weintraub peers out the window of the RV, gesturing toward the van in which Ray J sits. “Without Ray J's dick, there's no Scott Disick. “They have to go to the airport, get on a plane, go to the hotel, get ready,” says Sujit Kundu of SKAM Artist, a Los Angeles-based company that brokers club appearances for its celebrity clients.

He partied a little too hard last night, so he'll need a minute to morph into the Lil Jon who has been paid handsomely to be here tonight. Over the din, his road manager gestures to him with a bottle of tequila, doing a little I am here to watch Lil Jon do his job. He got this job thanks to a decade of nightlife anthems and a hard-earned rep—abetted by Dave Chappelle's indelible impression—as a constitutionally hyped-up wild man; he'll often appear at this club two, three, even four times a week. During the interview, openly gay TV host Andy Cohen asked the actress what she thought about 50 Cent blaming the show’s rating dip on too much “gay stuff.” “First of all, you know the pot called the kettle black is all I’m saying,” Vivica replied.The response drew a shocked reaction from Cohen and fellow guests on his show, ‘Watch What Happens: Live’.He began booking these appearances a few years back, presumably so he could gain some agency beyond the grip of Kris Jenner and have something to call his “job.” For a while, this was working out nicely for him.He was gaining enough notoriety thanks to But in Disick's case, all that time spent in nightclubs exacerbated his already-problematic drinking and alleged drugging habits, which put him on shaky ground with his family.