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The perpetrators were anarchists seeking the violent overthrow of the government.

On September 16, 1920, anarchists struck at the very heart of capitalism in an attack that shocked the nation.

On January 24, 1975, it was packed with patrons during the lunch hour when, at PM, a satchel containing explosives went off near the front entrance, transforming plates and silverware into deadly projectiles.

Once the smoke cleared, four people had been killed and over 50 others injured.

The building being home to dozens of lawyers and judges, it naturally contained voluminous amounts of legal documents and books, which were set alight when the military attacked with artillery, resulting in a fire that consumed the building.

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The blast claimed 38 lives and wounded another 400.Ultimately, FALN became defunct, perhaps because like many militants, the group never did speak for the people it claimed to represent—a majority of Puerto Ricans have continuously voted against independence.Thousands of US troops were stationed in Saudi Arabia at the conclusion of the Persian Gulf War to enforce a no-fly zone over Iraq.Staff Sergeant Alfredo Guerrero was a sentry on the roof of Building 131 and, realizing what was happening, went floor by floor alerting his fellow airmen.He made it down three floors before the bomb exploded, shredding the facade off the eight-story building.