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Top speed was lowered to 1/1000th second and the self-timer/long exposure control, double exposure and focus lock were eliminated.

Issues to be aware of when collecting the ABC Kodaks: Does th original string (original is commonly gone/broken)? As you can tell, I've taken a break from blog posts over the last 8 months.

Since there were almost no external changes, the model is identified by the designation S2A following the serial number.

In 1973, a minor change was made in the neckstrap studs, altering so that they would accept the same neckstrap as the EC model.

All small bayonet mount Auto-Nikkor and Zenzanon lenses fit the De Luxe, as well as all five "S" series prisms and hoods.

The S2A grips, however, will not fit fue to the bayonet fitting on the camera base, and a special tripod adapter #81502 was required to use either of these grips. The S model was introduced while the De Luxe was still in production and represented a simplified version of that camera.