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Hours for online chat and phone line are 4pm to 11pm daily. Offer emotional support and crisis intervention services for children, youth and young adults under 30 years of age.The Support Team is a group of professionally trained volunteers and staff to listen without judgment and offer support via live chat and the discussion forum; not licensed counsellors.We're an all-volunteer organization, doing good because it feels good and helps us stay clean and sober. Provides support, information and resources to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning people, as well as to their families and friends.We will do our very best to connect them with services that can help them meet that need.In Canada Call: (877) 330-6366 In USA Call: (877)565-8860 British Columbia If you are considering suicide or are concerned about someone who may be. Crisis Line Association of BC Mental Health Information Line This is a provincial line.Also, offer online distress services 13 hours a day (noon to 1am) for youth aged 13-25 and adults aged 25 and up. Although these areas will still be serviced, it has also expanded crisis services to all Aboriginal people on Vancouver Island and the province of British Columbia.Vancouver: 604-872-3311 Sunshine Coast/Sea to Sky: 1-866-661-3311 Seniors Distress Line: 604-872-1234 Online Chat Service for Youth: Crisis Centre CHIMO Crisis Lines Free, confidential and non-judgmental emotional support provided 8am to midnight, seven days a week, by professionally trained volunteers. Youth Crisis Line: 250-723-2040 Adult Crisis Line: 250-723-4050 Provincial Aboriginal Line: 1-800-588-8717 North Island Crisis & Counselling Centre Society Provide anonymous, confidential, and non-judgemental emotional support for those in need 24/7.

While our goal is to prevent self harm, we welcome the call of any transgender person in need.When I first got sober, my case manager at the Kaiser Permanente treatment program in Oakland, California gave me the option to attend either 12-Step support groups or the alternative support groups that are known today as Life Ring, or both. This website is an effort to share the Life Ring concept as I understand it so that others can be as fortunate as I was. If you're new in recovery, have a look at the Frequenty Asked Questions page, or at the article "If This Is Day One," or look at the Keepers section for a selection of anecdotes, stories and short essays, or get started building your personal recovery plan with Recovery By Choice, the workbook that readers rave about at many different stages of their recovery journey. There's a daily news feed from Join Together Online that covers national events related to substance abuse and neighboring topics. Read about the basic Life Ring philosophy (The "Three S"), consider an essay about how Life Ring works to produce recoveries (How Our Meetings Work), find out how Life Ring is organized and who the people behind it are, and read about our history (About Life Ring). If you're interested in starting a Life Ring meeting, check out the Convenor page, read the online chapters from How Was Your Week (or buy the book), browse the Meeting Starter Kit page, join the convenor email lists, or send an email to the Life Ring Service Center -- its mission is "Serve the Meetings." If you're looking for chemical dependency treatment for yourself or a loved one, you can find a short list of facilities where Life Ring is understood, as well as a link to the federal database containing every licensed treatment program in the U. I would not be sober today without the efforts of earlier generations of pioneers who built the meetings that were there for me when I got my wake-up call.Check out a selection of sobriety tools contributed by people who found them personally useful (Toolbox). I hope that you, too, when you've tasted the benefits of a sober and drug-free life, will put some of your newfound energy back into this wonderful support network.A network that links five crisis lines in the Interior Region (Cranbrook, Kelowna, Trail, Vernon and Williams Lake) through a single number. Vancouver Island Crisis Society Offers 24/7/365 crisis line service to Vancouver Island, the islands of the Georgia Strait, and the mainland communities between Powell River and Rivers Inlet, as defined by the Vancouver Island Health Authority. KUU-US Crisis Line Society As an accredited agency of the American Association of Suicidology, crisis intervention trained phone operators assist those in crisis 24/7/365.It is available 24/7/365 throughout Southern Interior and makes crisis line service available to everyone in the Interior Region. Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention Centre of BC Is available 24/7 via regional distress phone line, provincial phone line, and Seniors’ Distress Line. Previous jursidictional area covered by KUU-US was Port Alberni, Bamfield and the West Coast of Vancouver Island.