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History is used when looking at the dispute over the name of the sea, whether it really is the Sea of Japan or the East Sea. We already gave you money; why do you Koreans keep nagging us? I know that you guys can't change the past, and we never asked for that. The reason why Korea doesn't want to go to court with the Japanese is because Japan stole heaps of Korean artefacts during their regime and to this day they keep all of the evidence hidden away to stop Koreans from claiming their land like Dokdo and Daemado. The US only support the Japanese because the Japanese are their lapdogs the US knows that the Koreans won't let them exploit us. I really don't understand why they are contradicting there own history record. I ask you guys once again to go to court and solve this issues like civilized people would do today.

Russians used history in their argument when they took Crimea from Ukraine saying that the peninsula was originally their territory and that there are many Russian speaking people who need to be protected. All we want is for your country to acknowledge all the sins and wrongdoings and say a national apology. They apologised for the wrongdoings they committed in the past, but some of Japan's citizens refuse to apologise and acknowledge the fact that Dokdo is OUR land. First, when I was way younger, like 4, I just thought it was Korean territory without any real knowledge. Thank you Actually, San francisco peace treaty was signed below the name of 'winners of war'. Then we will make sure that we know that you are controlling the Philippines.

Yes, it was horrible, but there is nothing modern Japanese citizens can do about what their ancestors did.3. Has any of the allies who did this apologized to Japan, ever? NY0831, I respect what you are saying here but I just wanted to point out a few things and respond to your points a bit.1. so as a child, I aim to let everyone know what exactly happened when i become an adult. Look if you really want to have the Liancourt Rocks just stop whining over the web saying that "Dokdo belongs to us!

If you haven't noticed, Japanese citizens suffered so much during the war as well. Has American government apologized to anyone at all ever? Yes, territorial disputes are in fact tied into history because if one nation can prove that they had rights to a certain territory for centuries within history but those rights were challenged during world war 2, I think that country has validity in claiming that the territory in fact does belong to them. To the people who keep saying to us 'Well, what do you want? look at the comments, and the majority of us only said that Dokdo is our land. " and comments like that because that will not solve anything. But no you guys still choose to spread lies over the internet and even in places like the Olympics.

And there are countless other cases where history has been used. Horrible acts have been performed on many different people, and that's what you guys refuse to acknowledge. I know that we may have killed some of your people in the past, and I do say sorry. F***ing JAPS thinking they can do whatever the f*** they want! And then I learned it but I grew up with heated debate about Dokdo and started wondering are they really Korean. " Find the right resource french man who is pretty much Japanese, and racist. Reason Why Japan wants to solve this problemat the ICJH?

And also, if you're worrying about the Koreans using history in their arguments, doesn't it show that you fear that Koreans will be able to simply prove their right to the islands? You say that Japanese students are fully aware of their past war crimes from history textbooks but what you don't realize is that history textbooks guide lined by the countries themselves usually hold tremendous amounts of bias. But what I'm trying to get across here is the fact that Japan in their own history textbooks tend to numb down and be euphemistic about their previous war crimes whereas other places' history textbooks may tell it more objectively, or even biased towards the other side. but really, most of the killings and torture have mostly been performed by YOU. They should all go have a tour of hiroshima and nagasaki so that they can be reminded of what happens when they f*** with other people's land. they should all be pinned as rapists and cannibals! Plus I was out side of country and they put East Sea as Sea of Japan. I was so sure about it bc I looked at Japanese opinion and records also and they seemed just so obvious. Because they had grew up morefaster and bigger than korea.

If you look at the current prime minister, Abe Shinzo, you'll see someone who reveres the past Japanese soldiers of world war 2. This is truly against the globalized law of militarization. JAPAN teaches to their students that DOKDO is JAPAN'S! Also, they need to know that we are not fighting with you guys because of past, we are fighting you guys(Japan) because you are lying like one of fox that want to eat one good thing with no work. On a plane to Japan when all islets We go aboard islets. The difference between japan and Germany is that Germany asked forgiveness about thing they did while Japanese just try to close the case using money. Did you know on the 4th century baekjae (one of the Korean country) sent people to Japan so they can develop better. When Japan was having a war with Russia, Japanese just said it belonged to them and tried to take it away forcefully. search it out and i recommend you to watch the movie: my way Your ancestors made our ancestors stand in1 line, and killed them through their heads. You don't know WHY AND HOW Japandeveloped thir science magnificentlyduring the WW2. fhandle=MDZUTERAZn M0Lm Jsb2cu ZGF1b S5u ZXQ6L0l NQUd FLz Av NC5qc Gcud Gh1b WI=&filename=4Japan is a democratic Empire, that don't learn to hates other countries. if your grandparents or greatgrandparents went through that, wouuld you be able to say that the Japanese government did the right things?

So I really hope that one day Japan will be able to let go of their nationalist pride and admit the past wrongdoings and see to the clearest evidence presented in this debate. You guy's ancestors did things to our country and some of them had positive effects and we know that. But you guys can't just "IGNORE" what u did to us in the past. I find it endlessly humorous how the people on the Japanese comment side are flailing around, attempting to grasp any sort of logic... Actually not only Dokdo, all other countries in Asia.??? alot of angry korean people and racist japanese people. japan is totally the bad ass every time i hear koreans bring up the war thing and also claiming japanese military dictatorship isnt gone yet when talking about the island it make me wonder maybe korean people are just angry.... His fxxking followers Serach the followings and everybody will agree with Japan.How disrespectful, and if you still havn't got enough you're trying to take our land Dokdo! While North K and South K were fighting you changed the East Sea to Japan Sea, You say Part of Russia is yours and you also say Philipinnes is yours! I know that this does'nt really relate to dokdo, but what I'm trying to say is that horrible things like torturing have occured which involved a few japanese people. you koreans have done horrible things too,' i want everyone to realise that not ALL Japanese people don't admit all the wrong things they have done. Now I would like to ask the Korean supporters a question.Don't you have enough you evil minded freaks????!!!!! Until you stop your selfishness and apologize for what you've dont in this last century! Territorial disputes are modern issues that exist now. Japanese government has officially apologized for what the former militaristic regime has done to Korea. Japanese kids learn about the invasions and all the horrible things their ancestors have done to other Asian countries. also, its not exactly their fault for being educated about history differently. If you really and truly think that "dokdo" belongs to you guys, why won't you solve this issue at the International Court of Justice in Holland?They remained neutral when Hitler built up his army and they remained neutral when Japan began invading different countries. And if it weren't for those two bombs, the war would have continued on for several years maybe even decades taking countless more lives. Japanese minds are being controlled by Abe government, who distort history and brainwash innocent kids with anti-Korean feelings. korea has fought for its independence from many surrounding countries.(from the mongols, chinese, japanese, and so etc.) it wasnt a colony of chine for 5000 years continuously.So in summary, I please ask that although I respect your opinion and feelings, please back check your facts and evidence before you present them before a massive online community. Japanese insist that they freed us from China, but ha! It has always been an independent country, from the age of Goguryo til now. we did get colonized from time periods to time periods but we fought and managed to regain our land and independence back We were poor in the past, do not make fun of Corea's history. DID YOU KNOW THAT KOREA WAS ORIGINALLY SPELLED "COREA?

Free online sex chat philipinnes