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Flywheel: 4.64KG (10.2 lbs) Power required: Yes (but battery pack coming in October)All of the above are more the technical trainer-focused specs, but it’s important not to overlook the bike fit side of the house.For example, you can adjust all of the following: Handlebars: Vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment, or, put your own 26mm and soon 31.8mm handlebars on there Saddle: Vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment.He’ll also get the pleasure of getting it back up the tight staircase in the cave. )I suppose it’s best to start with the size of the unit shipped, or delivered as it may be.In this case, here’s the Atom, boxed inside the back of a large courier van, next to a grown adult.Setup couldn’t have taken me more than 10 minutes – and that’s including taking a boatload of photos and video.Once things were all setup, here’s how it looked: So let’s dive right into some of the bulleted specs.

But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue for indoor use.

Since that’s a dollar part and something I brought up last week, I suspect it’ll be addressed well before you see units. In any event, probably one of the most interesting things for most folks coming from the trainer realm is the addition of shifters to the end of the handlebars. The two black nubs to the right of the word ‘Wattbike’ are the shifters. Now while the inclusion of shifters are cool in theory, I’m giving them about four to five weeks to make them cool in reality (read: by my in-depth review).

I found the shifting a bit sluggish to the point it didn’t provide much value (actually, more frustration than value).

That, in turn, means you could also swap for your own aerobar setup as well.

I will note that on the production unit I had, the holes were drilled just ever so slightly off on the aerobar pad holders, making them tilt slightly inwards/outwards, driving my brain nuts (it has no tangible effect on fit or stability – just straight lines). While these shifters are propriety, the company notes they actually looked at both SRAM RED e TAP and Shimano Di2 initially (and started building out on e TAP at first), but eventually went with this method as including handlebars equipped with either of those would have dramatically increased the cost of the ATOM.