I need help consolidating my student loans sex dating sa

However, if you have private student loans at a high interest rate, and your credit has improved since you took out the loans, then I highly recommend refinancing those loans.

There are a few companies out there such as Common Bond and So Fi which can help you lower the interest rates on your loans.

I would only recommend consolidating if you are drowning in student loan debt and want to choose one of the income-driven programs (i.e.

Pay As You Earn, Income Based Repayment) or an extended repayment option.

We hope after you are done you can make the best choice to refinance your student debt with. Today, there are a number of new private consolidation companies looking to help borrowers improve their financial health.

Our favorite, So Fi, aka Social Finance, has quickly positioned itself as the top student debt refinance lender on the market.

If you are interested in paying off your student loans rather quickly, I would discourage you from consolidating and instead pay off your loans one at a time starting with the highest interest rate first. In addition, I've noticed is that it's more motivating for my clients to knock out a ,000 student loan in a year than pay extra on a ,000 student loan year after year.

Other reasons why I'm not a huge fan of consolidation include: • You lose the six-month grace period before you have to pay back the loans after you finish your schooling.

The program launched at Stanford in 2011 and has quickly grown.

They have a variety of different repayment options available, but I tend to favor their fixed rate loan options. Refinance private loans if you can lower your interest rate.

Sophia Bera, CFP® is the Founder of Gen Y Planning and has been quoted in The New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, AOL, The Wall Street Journal, and Money Magazine.

After you are done, you will know how to refinance and consolidate student loans. Compare the Best Student Loan Refinance Rates Instantly view loan options from ,000 to 0,000 using our student loan refinance comparison tool.

Below we've ranked the leading student loan refinancing and consolidation companies. Easily select your loan type, educational level, and loan amount to compare loan companies that meet your selected criteria.

I need help consolidating my student loans