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One kicked things off by writing: 'Amir Khan is literally as thick as fudge' while another questioned: 'Not being funny but how many blows to the head has Amir Khan had because he’s coming across pretty thick!

' Further fans pondered: 'Is Amir actually okay or has boxing knocked out every brain cell? ' and 'Amir Khan can’t really be that stupid can he? ''While others vented their shock at his 'lack of knowledge', writing: 'Amir is so illiterate it hurts my ears listening to him talk' and the simple play on words, 'Amir Khan't.' However, a number of viewers were quick to praise the boxer - and claim his 'daft' nature only added comedy value to the show.

Richard Madeley proved to be more courageous than boxer Amir Khan as he managed to complete the I'm A Celebrity Bushtucker Trial the boxer had pulled out of.

The 61-year-old TV personality took on the Critter-cal Rescue challenge on Monday night's ITV spin-off show Extra Camp alongside former winner Joe Swash - just an hour after viewers watched Amir crumble.

' Realising Amir really didn't know what he had signed up for, Ant laughed: 'You really haven't seen the show before have you?

We don't take it easy on you.'However, Toff was clearly unimpressed with his decision, simply adding: 'I thought you were going to smash it.' Later on, the blonde vented her frustrations at his sacking of the challenge.

83% or 67%.'Shappi immediately felt the higher and almost everyone agreed, but Amir was sure the number was too low.

She said: 'I'm really upset and really shocked he said it. Everyone else has got to eat rice and beans now and its horrible, as half of them haven't had a good breakfast.'While Amir continued to justify his decision by stating: 'They're going to be upset, as I know how hard it is to eat just rice and beans.'I feel bad for the team because I really wanted to get some meal tickets but I just had to give up, it got so hard.' Upon their return to camp, Jamie Lomas began to laugh at the story - and admitted he didn't believe the pair.

However Toff, who became quite emotional, later snapped when back in camp: 'Have you not seen me? I could actually cry' A taken aback Jamie proceeded to express his shock in the Bush Telegraph, and revealed he had not expected Amir to be so terrified as a boxer and supposed 'tough guy.''I am gobsmacked! 'I never thought Amir Khan, Viewers immediately took to Twitter to express their hilarity, and question whether he had been hit in the head too many times in the ring.

She revealed with a laugh, as she enjoyed her first jungle shower: 'My pits are actually unbearable. 'Dennis, Jennie and Becky later embarked on the first Dingo Dollar challenge, which saw them faced with a giant roulette wheel.

If they landed on the 'win' section with their spin, a light would come on.

International free trial sex chat line