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“This isn’t about girl power, but everyone having a fair chance,” she decries.“I want a world where some little girl can wake up and still be Loretta Lynn.All of the women are smart and savvy, real about their emotions and willing to lay it out there.After being told by several Music Row business types they “love what you do,” but her songs were “unpitchable” for today’s country, the feisty Betty Page evoker doubled down.“You really only have so many words, and you have to make them count.My heart is open all the time, and I have a sensory disorder: I see things, hear things, feel things most people miss – and it all goes in there.There are dudes in my hometown and (what’s on country radio) those are their anthems. But there are those girls in those town who need anthems, truth, songs they can live in – and where are they going to get them?” Presley pauses for a moment, leans in, then conspiratorially winks.

I’ll come up with percussion parts banging on a skillet, just to give it a vibe, I shook a pill bottle on a track, built a loop that’s a cigarette lighter.

You start there, and then hire geniuses and tell ‘em there are no rules?

It’s like unicorns pooping rainbows everywhere – and guzzling beer!

And I’ve spent hours rotting away in writers’ appointments getting at nothing – that’s not for me.” Taking her cues from firebrands Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton who co-wrote “Only Blood,” Jason Isbell and even Brandy Clark, Presley would rather protect the music and write songs that genuinely matter.

Maybe in part from her standing Wednesday writing appointment with Guy Clark – “He made me a better person, a person who didn’t tolerate bullshit” – or maybe it’s just that she’s lived life without a safety net and understands.