Ortodox dating

The Jewish dating network online has exploded, and there have been tens of thousands of successful matches made in this way.

Many people also enjoy taking advantage of Shabbatons for singles.

Since Jewish dating customs within the many streams of Orthodoxy can differ greatly, the dating services available can vary widely from one to another.

Modern Orthodox Jews who are looking for a date tend to be quite open to Jewish dating services online.

Online sites such as Jdate, Jewishcafe, Jsingles, Frumster and Saw You at Sinai are all suitable for exploring the Jewish dating network.

These websites strive to connect old and young Jewish singles, using tools such as photos, email, message boards, chatting, instant messaging and more.

More information is available by writing to: Orthodox Christian Singles P.

One response to the plight of Orthodox singles came from a lady in our parish, herself a divorced single mother.An interested single fills out an information sheet, including the parish he or she attends, and writes a sketch describing him/her self. This information is sent to members, who can then choose with whom they wish to get in contact. Think about the singles in your parish - the unmarried, divorced, widowed. She came up with the idea of a singles network that caters exclusively to single Orthodox Christians.Called “Orthodox Christian Singles,” the organization is compiling a list of Orthodox singles who wish to meet other singles of their faith.