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You could say, "Remember when we used to spend hours just kissing?I miss that." Or, "I loved when you used to just grab me from behind; it made me feel so wanted."4.It is a good idea to keep the conversation short too, especially if the girl wasn’t the one who invited you into it.Never assume that a girl wants to sit and talk to you for hours.The most common sex issue faced by otherwise happily married couples? Couples often end up bemused and confused by a marriage that's dimmed in sexual intensity or frequency. "It's when we're at our most vulnerable." Plus, your bedroom, and certainly your bed, should be a sanctuary, not a place to air grievances. There is something to be said for spontaneity, but this may not be the time for it.

Remember that your aim is to try and make her feel as comfortable as possible so that she will relax and open up.TIP: A great way to assess how interested she is and to make sure she is not just being polite and tolerating your conversation, is at some point to give her the opportunity to ask you questions and get involved.You won’t know if she is genuinely interested in what you are saying if you don’t give her the opportunity to dig for more information."Take a few deep breaths, uncross your arms and sit close to him."9. It's one thing to get across your needs and desires, but you also have to listen to where coming from."His preferences may have changed, too, and you need to meet him halfway," says Sharky.