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No catch, no gimmicks, find a single girl here for free right now.We have lots more single women in Roswell, New Mexico, join now and start chatting with one of our single girls now!A – Steal underwear from washing lines B – Draw rude graffiti on people’s front doors C – Kick random passers-by on the backside 15. A – Mountain of the god of the cold B – Home of the bringer of hailstones C – Boudoir of the ice maiden 17. A – A painting by Wassily Kandinsky B – A Fabergé egg C – A poem by Alexander Pushkin 26.Which cold sensation is described by the sadly obsolete word “curglaff”? Where did they celebrate the winter solstice by smearing the doorposts with butter for the goddess of sanity? In 1795 the Dutch navy was surprised and defeated by…In Caracas, from December 16-24, what unusual method do people use to go to Mass?

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A – Decapitated by ice B – Murdered by a drunken bargeman C – Frostbite in her feet and hands 5.A – It hosted the world’s longest downhill “ski-in-a-kilt” race B – It became the world’s snowiest ski resort C – It recorded the UK’s lowest-ever temperature 7. What do residents call the insomnia that results from the lack of daylight?A – Big dark B – Big eye C – Big doze -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROUND TWO Winter words 11. A – The apocalypse in Norse mythology B – A Scots term for weather so cold that one’s fingers fall off C – The title of Angela Merkel’s autobiography 12.From where does the Snowdrop Inn in Lewes get its name?A – A local avalanche B – A local flower C – The local icehouses -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ROUND FOUR Winter sports & pastimes 31.