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Our ecommerce software and automated marketing tools enable purchases and subscriptions across web, mobile, and in-app with a simple, easy-to-use integration.

Quickly customize your online store through the Fast Spring dashboard.

It is further split into three sub-categories: Proof of Experience, Proof of Expertise and Proof of Expansion.

Payments within the Cryptaur ecosystem will be effected in the system's own crypto-tokens—Cryptaurs (CPT, ERC20-compliant).

Previously Neringa was holding top law executive positions in various international companies.

Now board member of a group of companies engaged in real estate, health care business, sports. Irina has degrees in Economics and International Relations. The founder of Ambisafe has been involved in cryptocurrency development since early 2010.

Educated as Master of Law Science, has MBA degree in International Law, Neringa supervises all legal aspects of the project.This leads to a systemic degradation of the quality of goods and services, unjustified increase of advertising and marketing costs in the end price of a product, hugely disproportional share of profits being appropriated by middlemen, and a marked decrease of real purchasing power of consumers' money.Technological innovations in computing, logistics and banking bring about a complex disruptive technology that may completely change the model of interaction between supplier and consumer by removing most of the intermediary elements.This goal will be achieved by creating a fast blockchain-based decentralized ecosystem and organizing user interactions on the peer-to-peer basis.The Cryptaur ecosystem will be used by mass consumers, as well as service and product suppliers, from all around the world.