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There’s no longer a need to download media (legally or otherwise) just to share it. Yes, there will always be some people doing it, but now the legal alternatives are beginning to catch up and offer a great service at a reasonable price.There’s still some way to come before every song and movie is available via subscription services, but for the time being, what we have is more than good enough for people to no longer to pirate content.For operating systems and software, the situation is similar.

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Smartphone operating systems like i OS and Android have changed what people expect from operating systems.

If you can get access to almost all the music you want for a reasonable monthly fee, then the hassle of managing an actual library stops being worth it“A countrywide survey in December 2014 showed that just 4% of Norwegians under 30 years still used illegal file-sharing platforms to get hold of music.

Even better for the worldwide industry, less than 1% of people under 30 years said that file-sharing was their main source of obtaining music.”A huge number of people have already moved away from music piracy because of Spotify, Google Music, or Apple Music, and you should join them. For movies and TV shows, there are plenty of streaming channels available.

Adobe regularly pushes out app updates with new features rather than waiting and saving everything up for one big release.

With plans like these available, it’s really hard to justify pirating.