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A special thank you to everyone that took part in our games and competitions.Congratulations to Michael Robinson, Zack West (pictured below) and Kerry Williams for winning the toy tractors, generously donated by Agwood, Haynes and Burden Bros Agri Ltd, along with the winners of our various other games, including ‘Guess the Number of Cherries in the Tray’, ‘Match the Crop to the Seed’.“When Maurice went home on the tractor with the snow plough attached, you knew the weather might just be turning nasty” Julie commented.But, Maurice would be out early the next morning clearing the lanes of the latest snow fall, helping everyone to get around with the least disruption possible.

New and improved facilities with fresh paint, better lighting, new sofas, bistro style tables and chairs will hopefully make you stay here more comfortable and help you to relax and unwind after a day working in the orchards.Children young (and not so young) climbed into the cabs of our static tractors and combine harvester.The sheep dogs were very happy enjoying lots of visitor attention, whilst the lambs well, were being lambs!Mark our farm and estate manager, (nominated as Arable Farm Manager of the Year 2017) gave them a tour, not only of the Arable and our new plant protection store, but around the Fruit enterprise too.They found the farm to be truly impressive and diverse.